Can I come to the UK and work as a support worker or Carer?

This is a question I am being asked daily. I am a lawyer not a recruitment agent or potential employer in the Health and Care sector, but I will endeavour to give helpful tips

  1. Qualifications

Although there is no requirement for formal qualifications to work as a carer or support worker,  I advise that you have basic English and Maths. The potential employer will require you to have relevant qualifications according to their own requirements or specialism. There are basic mandatory trainings that may be necessary, so it is best to ask the potential employer their requirements or check the job and person specifications in the job advert.

Its advisable to get training at reputable hospitals and other institutions which offer nursing auxiliary, support and care worker training

  • Experience

If you are not already working in the healthcare sector, in my view its advisable for you to work or volunteer at a hospital, clinic, nursing home etc. This will give you an edge over inexperienced competition

  • Meet the Home Office Visa requirements

My job normally in this field is to advise employers to get sponsor licences and to assist candidates who have been offered jobs to apply for Visa once the employer generates a sponsor certificate. I will not go in unnecessary detail, but you need to meet Home office requirements the basic  list below:

  1. You need to pass the English test
  2. You will need to be tested for TB
  3. You need to have maintenance money
  4. You need a police clearance

For more information check my previous blog

  • CV

Make sure your CV meets British standards. For guidance see

  • How much is the salary?

This will depend on the employer but must be subject to the minimum amount stipulated by the Home office

  • Who is responsible for my costs?

It is difficult to respond to this question. I think you will be responsible for some of the costs such as training, writing the English test, doing the TB test, preparation of CV and job coaching you may require. Some employers do offer a relocation  package to successful candidates. Most job interviews are now online so you will need a good stable internet connection.

  • Can you employ me, or can you refer me to an employer?

Immigration2u is a firm of solicitors/lawyers and we do not employ healthcare staff. You can check the Tier two sponsor licence register for employers. This is a large register. I understand that there are some agents or consultants who can help you to get employment. AS A WORD OF CAUTION, BE CAREFUL OF CONMAN AND CROOKS.

  • How long does it take?

The visa application process takes a couple of weeks. The whole recruitment process depends on the employer. Prepare yourself adequately so that you have a good CV

  • Can I bring my family to the UK?

Yes you can bring your dependants to the UK, refer to my blog mentioned above

  1. Interview

It is important to prepare for the interview. Understand how job interviews are conducted in the UK. Study English etiquette. There are videos on YouTube.

  1. My relative has a healthcare business in the UK, can they employ  me?

An employer can only allocate a sponsor certificate to a person suitable for sponsorship. A prudent employer will exercise due diligence before employing anyone and they will not want to risk losing their sponsor licence or exposing their business to legal suits if an inexperienced or unqualified person makes a professional mistake.

  1. If I cannot meet the requirements for a Support worker/carer or if I can’t get a sponsor certificate are there other ways I can come to the UK?

This will depend on whether or not you can meet other immigration routes such as student, spouse, family, business etc. At Immigration2u we can advise you on the alternative routes.

Andrew Nyamayaro is a lawyer at Immigration2u. He can be reached on WhatsApp 0044742142933,

The information above is just basic information, please seek professional advice tailored to your circumstances.